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  • Bill Evans Signature Tenor Mouthpiece
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Bill Evans Signature Tenor Mouthpiece Limited Edition

$9.95 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Model 1AO -The world's finest tenor mouthpiece


1AO - I call it the "One and Only" because it's the only mouthpiece I've played throughout my entire career.

In 1980, Michael Brecker spent many months painstakingly working with a craftsman creating a totally "handmade" mouthpiece. They meticulously refined all of the things Mike didn't like in other mouthpieces : stuffiness, too open or too closed, too much high end or too much low end,  ease of playing in the altissimo, etc.

They created a mouthpiece that was extremely dynamic and freeflowing, truly one of a kind. In 1981, I was fortunate enough to try this mouthpiece and it immediately blew me away.  At that moment the love affair began and has been going strong ever since. With much enthusiasm and permission from Mike, I was able to buy this mouthpiece. I've been playing it ever since that first day I tried it in 1981.  Over time I made a few small changes to make it even better, and VOILA!

 Its' super refined design makes it very easy to get a good reed as well (as horn players, you know exactly what Im talking about). 




At every step of the manufacturing process this mouthpiece was meticulously attended to by the finest of tradesmen including : machinists, design engineers, polishers and platers.  It took over 4 years to complete this process.

I've tried most of the mouthpieces on the market today, and if something played better, I'd be playing it. 35 years in, I still haven't played a better mouthpiece. Period. 

-Bill Evans


Every mouthpiece has been personally tested and hand finished by Bill  himself. 

This mouthpiece is guaranteed lead free with 24 carat gold plating and is constructed of only the highest quality brass.







The opening size is somewhere between a 7 and 8. Medium - not too big, not too small. It is sized to get as big a sound as you want yet with total control at all volumes.

"I used med soft #2 Vandoren reeds on the Bill Evans Signature Mouthpiece for over 31 years. The past few years I started using 3 or 3 1/2 Vandoren java Red. Other players get a full rich sound with other reed brands and reed strengths. 


This mouthpiece gives you the freedom to get your sound, which is what we're always reaching for."

-Bill Evans





"I fell in love with the Bill Evans Signature mouthpiece right away. I was able to get my sound on it with no effort and with a bit more shine and focus as well as more centered pitch at all dynamic ranges. Super reed friendly. True high quality, world class workmanship. Congratulations on a real fun and beautiful mouthpiece ! Thumbs up all the way around."

Piece peace,
Bob Franceschini (Mike Stern, Paul Simon, Victor Wooten, Celine Dion, Solo Artist)


"The first time I tried Bill Evans Signature mouthpiece I was struck by how powerful and clear it played. After playing  various gigs and recordings with it I'm very pleased with the versatility of this piece. I knew it could scream- but it can also have a nice warm and jazzy vibe. I'm excited to explore all the possibilities of this amazing mouthpiece- I could have used this 35 years ago!"

David Mann (Paul Simon, James Taylor, Tower of Power, Top Studio Saxophoinist in NYC, Solo Artist)


"Having played sax for nearly 20 years now, I've been through so many mouthpieces over the years, having tried almost every metal mouthpiece available. 
As someone who has grown up with the inspiriation of guys like Bill Evans, Bob Berg, Michael Brecker, I've never been able to find a piece with both projection and power, but also with a full body of sound, without that nasty edgy quality that so many have. Bill Evans has amazingly found the right way to reproduce the right quality of mouthpiece. I've never played anything like it. The first time I tried it on a gig, I couldn't believe the sound out of the horn was me!"

Thank you Bill!

Adrian Cunningham (Wyton Marsalis, Wycliffe Gordon)


"The best mouthpiece I've ever played ! The Bill Evans Signature Mouthpiece rocks ! It simply plays itself.

If you had to compare the Bill Evans mouthpiece to a bicycle, his has 21 gears and the rest have 3. A dream to play, like sweet velvet "

Tommy Smith (founder and current director of The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (SNJO)and played or recorded with Gary Burton, Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, Kenny, Barron, Arild Andersen, John Scofield and Trilok Gurtu to name a few. Tommy is one of the finest tenor sax players of his generation and has recorded over 28 solo cd's to date and has won countless jazz awards.


"Bill Evans has knocked it out of the park with his new Signature Mouthpiece. This piece sings in all registers! I have tried hundreds over the years and I've never played such a free-blowing mouthpiece. Thanks for sharing your mouthpiece Bill!

Doug Thomas (Professional Saxophonist and educator )


Returns Policy

We accept no returns.  


In the event of some unforeseen reason you wish to return the mouthpiece you may request to do so.  This will be decided on a case by case basis.  No refund will occur until the mouthpiece has been fully inspected and is deemed "good as new".  If you drop your mouthpiece on a hard surface you will ruin it.  The brass tip will bend and it will not be eligible for a return.  If you file your mouthpiece or remove any metal in the hopes of finishing the mouthpiece it will not be eligible for a return.  The mouthpiece is completely finished when shipped from the factory and no other tampering or finishing is necessary.


A 25% restocking fee applies to all domestic US returns deemed worthy of a refund.  A 50% restocking fee applies to all international returns.  Most countries charge import taxes that range from 17% to 38%.  We are unable to recoup any import and or VAT taxes once a mouthpiece is shipped internationally.  Customer is resposible for return shipping costs.




Product Videos

Bill Evans Signature Tenor Mouthpiece Limited Edition 04:06

The history of the Bill Evans Signature Tenor Mouthpiece Limited Edition with live demo's!

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    The history of the Bill Evans Signature Tenor Mouthpiece Limit...

Product Reviews

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  1. Great Mouthpiece, 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 21st 2017

    This mouthpiece enables me to create my own unique sound that is fluid and expressive. Its versatility enables me to play a variety of styles effortlessly. This mouthpiece ROCKS!!!!

  2. The Best Mouthpiece That I Own 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 4th 2016

    I've tried out more than my share of mouthpieces over the years and I can say that the Bill Evans Signature Mouthpiece lives up to its promise. Great tone, even registers, easy blowing, and beautiful workmanship are among the most prevalent features. This is the only tenor mouthpiece that I play now and it even includes a ligature and a cover that fits. Great job, Bill!

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